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Virtual Dor in #DPE2018

Virtual Dor has participated in the Entrepreneur Day 2018, September 11, 2018, in Jerez de la Frontera, representing the University of Almeria as a successful experience in the transfer of R + D + i knowledge between the university and the company. In the photo Carlos Cano, director of the Secretariat of Projects and Entrepreneurial Initiatives, and Adolfo Cangas, representing Virtual Dor.


The objective of the First International Meeting of Neotrie VR is to bring together students, teachers, researchers, and anyone else who may be interested in applications of virtual reality and associated high technologies to mathematics education and related areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM). The meeting takes place in Almería, Spain, on 1 and 2 October 2018.

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Virtual Dor enters in CADE

June 29, 2018: Today the new Councilor for Knowledge, Research and University of the Junta de Andalucía, Lina Gálvez, has handed over the keys to the new premises that Virtual Dor will also have in facilities of the Andalusian Center for Entrepreneurship (#CADE) of the Port of Almería. A great pleasure to start this new journey!

Virtual Dor, new SPIN-OFF of the UAL

Virtual Dor obtains the Spin-off rating, a knowledge-based company, from the University of Almeria on June 22, 2018.

Award in CIPI2018

Virtual Dor has participated in # cipi2018, I Edition of the International Congress of Psychology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology, held at the University of Almeria, from April 19 to 21, 2018. From Virtual Dor we want to thank the recognition received at the closing of the congress and congratulate the organizers for the success of it.


First International Meeting of Neotrie VR

The Bioclimatic Room of the University of Almería has successfully hosted this week the I International Meeting Neotrie VR, dedicated to this new software developed by Professor José Luis Rodríguez Blancas of the Department of Mathematics of the UAL and Diego Cangas Moldes, student of Computer Engineering of the UAL and director of the Virtual Dor spin-off. It involved 50 participants including students and university professors and Secondary of several autonomous communities, as well as from Germany, France, Poland and Turkey. See more information at web of event.


Virtual Dor in  #NIGHTspain

Virtual Dor has participated in the European Researchers Night, held in Almería, on September 28th, 2018, showing the last features of its softwares. See more information at UAL news. See more pictures.

Virtual Dor collaborates in the Inclusive Program of the UAL

Virtual Dor collaborates in the teaching of the I Course on Virtual Reality in Mental Health. On November 12, 2018, the start of this inclusive course on virtual reality took place, in which mental health users and students or people interested in new technologies participate. With a duration of 25 hours, it aims to bring virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality to the participants, where they can start in computer programming in these environments, as well as test their own software developed by the company. It is an experience co-organized by FAISEM and the University of Almería, within the program called "Inclúyete-Joven".

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Neotrie VR released at STEAM

Since December 7, 2018, Neotrie VR is available at Steam, the most popular store of videogames. 


Virtual Dor in the Roquetas Gaming Show 2019

Virtual Dor has participated in the Roquetas Gaming Show, during February 1-2, 2019, representing the University of Almería, together with the entrepreneurship area of ​​the UAL. More than 200 visitors have tried our virtual reality application NeoTrie VR, as well as other educational and entertainment applications, focusing on natural interaction devices such as Kinect, Leap Motion or Myo. See the news on the UAL website.